I would not recommend this site for the reasons previously described. It is another high rate per click scam and likes to steal from those who ...

1. Owned by a scammer - The site is showing connections to TenDollarClick, which is also on our scam list. Originally TenDollarClick was showing connected to Michael Pratt and his other scam sites. We believe he has sold the site off to another scammer.

If you look at comment March 12th, 2010 (12:36am) on our TenDollarClick Review you will see a person state that the paypal purchase they made with TenDollarClick came back to "paidtomedia.com". The same company showing on the Paypal purchase paid with this site as well.2. No Forum - Well since they are not paying on their other site, I guess they wont need a forum on this one either. It is not like members will have payment proofs to show off. However, they do have a habit planting fake payment proofs on the web and giving people false hope.

3. The pay for a simple task - No one is going to pay you $10 to do a simple task like reading a email or clicking a ad. Scammers use high rates per click to draw in victims to their scam. Stay away from high rate per click sites. None of them pay, if they do, they go bankrupt very fast.

4. 60 Business Days? - Ever wonder why you have to wait so long to find out if you are going to get paid? The deadline to file a dispute with Paypal is 45 days, and AlertPay is 30 days. Those who are unfortunate to purchase a upgrade with this site will find out that they have little to no chance at getting their money back. Which is why they have the wait time 60 business days. By the time you have it all figured out, it will be too late. Anyways, if they actually had the money to pay you, they wouldn't make you wait this long .

5.Posting Fake Payment Proofs
- Owner going to forums and posting fake payment proofs:

Welcome To DollarGPT

Here at DollarGPT you get paid just by completing simple tasks. We have advertisers that will pay you real cash money to simply view their websites! Earn $10 per click and 10% of your referrals' earnings! You can cashout once you have reached a balance of $10,000 which takes no time with guaranteed daily links available. Fast payments through PayPal or AlertPay.

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I would not recommend this site for the reasons previously described. It is another high rate per click scam and likes to steal from those who ...
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