Attention! Scams in the Paid To Read World!

Unfortunately The PTR World is abounding of scams.

Some of them paid to their members at the beginning but then became unsustainable for some reason or other.

   But there are a lot of sites which were created to lure credulous and inexperienced people. Admins of these sites never intended to pay. Some of them promise big money in the shortest time and don't answer to money requests. Other of them hide actual payment details in their Terms of Service which may include absolutely impossible or fantastic conditions.

   They offer extremely low prices for ads - much lower than sustainable PTRs. That is a basis of their gain and existence. So


Don’t join them!

Don't advertise them!

Don't advertise in these sites because you support them in this way!

Be careful about PTR Sites : Black List Of PTR

Here you find the Black List of PTR. I strongly advise against registration with these services. All these sites are either not paying member and/or even call in money,  have an extremely bad support (if at all) or being outright scams.

How to recognize Scam Sites?
- There are many sites out there which promise emails worth the likes of $5, $50 or $100 and upwards. DO NOT join any of these sites. These are ridiculous attempts to take your money and you will never see a penny. EXCEPTIONS are so called “Redemption Only” sites where you can redeem your money for advertising only.

- Check the advertising price to see if sites selling ads under price. If for example, the site has 100 members and an email to all costs only $2 for a $10 link, you can clearly see that the site is underselling advertising. 100 members x $10 per member = $1,000. Therefore, the actual cost of the advertisement without taking into account the referral commission, comes to $1,000. If a site sells this link for only $2, the site is sustaining a loss of $988 per advertisement sold. This is only an example but please note that there are sites selling $10, $20 and even links worth hundreds of dollars for just $2 – $3. Basic mathematical skills will show you that such sites are totally unsustainable and therefore, short lived.



Sings & Symbols:
* = Unsustainable Site
** = Unlicensed Cash Crusader Site
*** = behind with payouts or not paying
**** = Site from Steve Allen, well known for not paying

{1}* *** *** *** **** *** **** *** *** **** ****

{2}* *** **** *** *** *** *** *** ****



{5}* *** *** *** ***** *** **

{6}* *** *** **






{A}*** **** ****** *** *** *******

{B}* *** **** ******* ***** *****************

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