Looking for an income opportunity that won't cost you a thing? Ever considered paid to click sites? If not you might want to read the information below and make your own mind up.

Paid to click sites pay their members to look at other peoples websites normally for around 30 seconds and then you get paid for your time. Offer sites will pay you for each offer you complete. Paid to read sites will pay you for each time you visit a site through an email link.

My favourite PTC sites are listed below. The thing that really gives your earning potential a boost is referral's - in other words people who have joined through your links whether it's a friend of yours or a stranger who has found the link online.

 All I want to say is that this is not the easiest money I have ever made!

 I have joined many PTR emails programs, registered, and started to click the ads immediately.  It started out too good to be true. I joined with about 30 PTR's and spent a lot of time.  But I started to doubt they were real , especially when the payment time came.  The biggest proportion of PTR's didn't pay me and they ignored my e-mails.  Some PTR's only wanted money for upgrading, but didn't  pay me.

 In the end I found some PTR's that  really paid,  and  I received my first pay.  I was happy with my choices.  It was only $3, not much more and I did not have to upgrade this time!  For example, Matrixmails pays each of your $2 payment, and every day it gives 3-5 ads, and sometimes an extra 2-3 ads in your e-mail per week.  My goal is to collect my referral  team and upgrade my membership.  If you find the serious PTR's  it will  double your first opportunity!

All the PTC sites on this page have been tried and tested by myself and, most importantly, I have been paid by all of them at least three times so feel free to explore them all.

Thanks for joining with me!

                                                             Best regards JC

                                               * * *

Attention! Scams in the Paid To Read World!

Don't Waste Your Time At These Known Scam Sites

Beanybux Still not paid since 30/03/09, 10bux.net Not paid since 11/05/09, B-u-x.net Awaiting payment since 11/06/09, Max-ptc Not paid since 12/10/09, Bux.gs traded balance for ads as no more payments being made, Bux.to Waited 15+ months, Isabelmarco Waited 4+ months, SurfJunky.com don't update your accaunt and don't pay.

 freebies-n-more.com didn't pay from started 2010 !!!!

Owner this site is Brenda! She is deceiving all us!!!

                          BE ATTENTION WITH THAT!

extractbux.com, cheapbux.com and alotofbux.com very quickly opened and after collect update money also very fast closed!


Be careful about PTR Sites :

 Black List Of PTRs


Here you find the Black List of PTR. I strongly advise against registration with these services. All these sites are either not paying member and/or even call in money,  have an extremely bad support (if at all) or being outright scams.

Don’t join them! Don't advertise them! Don't advertise in these sites because you support them in this way!

upworkptr.com is what we call an "obvious scam site". Those who are experience in this industry know that such sites like this one is unsustainable and offers bogus amounts of money for a simple task, which will never be paid.


This site was requested for us to look at and is currently waiting for us to give it a full review. However it will be added to the Scam List due to the obvious indicators of a scam site. The combined reasons are:

  • All PaidToClicks worth $25!? - Don't fall for it. It is unsustainable. No one is going to pay you a large sum of money to click a link. You are not going to get rich by reading emails and clicking links.


  • No Forum - No reason to have one since they will not pay and it is easier to hide negative feedback.


  • Whois Private - Owner hiding identity.



  • Complaints & Negative Feedback? - It doesn't pay and you can see what others are saying about the site at these places:
Site will remain on the scam list for the reasons previously described...In the mean time... feel free to leave comments, updates, or experiences in our comment section.
Be cautious of those who just say they were paid and don't post any proof to their claim
Paid To Click, or PTC, sites are exactly that. They have advertisers who are willing to pay people to be exposed to their advert for a certain length of time, usually 30 seconds. The average payment per advert viewed is $0.01 which doesn't sound like much but it soon adds up if you have accounts with a few different sites. You can open the adverts in another tab and then navigate away so you don't even have to view them, just click on them. You simply click on the advert you wish to view and it then opens in a new tab and there will be a time bar ticking away, once this has finished you will be credited with your payment, these sites are incredibly easy to navigate and, as I say, the money adds up quicker than you would expect. Once you have accrued enough money (usually about $1.00 - $2.00) you can cash out to your Paypal account or invest your earnings in renting referrals.

MY  pREferences

ClixSense is a unique opportunity for you to earn extra money for FREE!

You get paid to view webpages from our advertisers.

You are paid for each 30 second ad you view.

We guarantee quality traffic to your website. Reach unique guaranteed targeted visitors for as little as 1 cent per visitor.

  ClixSense requires Alertpay, there is a link to Alertpay on below of this page.

I talk briefly about renting referrals below but for a more in-depth guide have a look at my 'PTC made easy guide' there is a link to it at the bottom of this page.
I want to explain about NEOBUX referrals, which can be accessed by simply clicking on the banner above this text. To make more money on this site you need to get referrals to join and also click on the daily adverts. As a standard (free) member you will get $0.004 for every advert your referrals click on each day. Now you can refer all your friends or put a banner on your website if you have one but even if you have 100's of friends the chances are only a handful will actually sign up and stick with it. Don't worry though, as the site offers referrals for rent. You pay a fee to rent a referral for 30 days and then you earn from them every time they click on the daily ads. Rented referrals cost 3-$0.66; 5-$1.10; 10-$2.20  for a 30 day period. After you purchase one of the available packs you'll get that number of referrals credited to your account for 30 days.You'll be able to extend their rental period anytime before the expiration date.
 Once you have rented your first 3 referrals you should find that they return a click average of about 2 - 3 clicks per day each, giving you a daily income of (roughly) $0.04, plus your daily clicks of the same amount giving you a daily income of $0.08 (tiny numbers at this stage but don't worry it soon grows). It is very important that you remember to log in every day and click the daily ads once you have referrals as you will not earn anything from your referrals if you do not click the ads yourself. Soon (within roughly 8 - 10 days) you will have enough money in your balance to rent 3 more referrals, do this and your daily income should go up to about $0.12 a day, still tiny numbers I know but it starts to grow quicker and quicker now. Within a week you should be able to rent 3 more referrals and a week later you should be able to rent 5 more (you are only allowed to rent referrals every 7 days as a standard member).
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